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Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Packing MachinesIndustrial Knives

1. Shearing Knives/Blades

Features of Shearing Knives/Blades :
Shearing Knives/BladesShearing Blades (Straight Blades & Circular Blades) for various Industries viz. Food / Rubber / Paper / Pharmaceutical
are supplied as per the specific requirement of the end users.
These Blades are made from HSS / TCT / HcHc / CS or Stainless Steel (Hardened & Tempered) as required.
For Food Industry, Teflon Coating can be given to give non-stick surface, Stainless Steel Blades Perform better in corrosive and acidic applications.

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2. Toothed Blades (Perforation)

Features of Toothed Blades (Perforation) :
Profile Blade for Wrapping Machine Blades and Knives made in High Speed Steel / High Carbon High Chrominum (HrHcr) / Stainless steel, specially designed for:

Vertical food packing machines (FFS Machines)
Sack and Bag Making Machines
Converting Machines
Tray Packing Machines
Special paper cut-off knives
Tape Sealing Machines.

Teeth Profile may be straight conical, ranking, continuous or alternate. The Pitch of Teeth may differ according to cut to uncut ratio required and whether it is for single pouch or for streamers.

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3. Profile Blade for Wrapping Machine

Features of Profile Blade for Wrapping Machine:
Profile Blade for Wrapping Machine Fixed and Moving Blade sets, made in HSS / HcHcr / Stainless steel / TC Tipped, for scissor cutting action can be given as per requirement, suitable for Food Packing / Pharmaceutical Packing / Paper Cutting.

They are precision profiled and ground for varied applications.

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4. Corrugation & Plastic Knives

Features of Corrugation & Plastic Knives :
Corrugation and Plastic KnivesO.E. supplier to most machine manufacturers.
Careful selection of best suited alloy steel.
Low setup time and consistently clean cutting.
Precision ground and quality heat treated.
Most sizes available ex-stock or shot delivery period.
High resistance to wear and quality high edge retention.
Board Cutters, rotary, eccentric slottor, chain slotter Corrugation sheet cutter cut off and punch cut blade, zigzag blade, winnose blade, state cutter, pressure plate and toffee knives.

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5. Slitter KnivesSlitter Knives

Features of Slitter Knives :
Circular slitters & folding knives to suit MBO, O & M, Baum folder and other popular machines.
For perforation, slitting, punching, trimming, crimping and creasing operations.
Available in vast sizes shapes and profiles. Carbon steel, HSS & special steel construction.

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Note - We manufacturer any type knives, as per customers specifications / drawings / samples.